User manual

Welcome to the Hocus&Lotus Dinoclub!

Following text should help you navigate on our website and resolve some of the basic issues that you might encounter. If you still experience some difficulties, you can always contact our support.

New to the Dinoclub

In order to be able to use the Dinoclub, first you have to follow these steps:
1) Verify your email address - you will receive verification code to the email address you provide.
2) Register your account - important part is the agreement with the Terms of use.
3) You will receive registration confirmatiom email with your login and password. You can always ask for a new password via the website.
4) Now that you have your account, Dinoclub will ask you to activate access to specific content, by providing the 6-letter code on your Dinocard.
5) Confirm the code and also the Magic teacher. Please make sure you select your Magic teacher. You can use filter for part of the name or city, to ease your search.
6) You should now be able to access the content of the level granted by your code. You can also unlock other levels by adding new codes.

General navigation

Dinoclub offers multiple languages of the content. English is selected by default. You can always change the selection by clicking on the language flag on the navigation bar.
Color coded round images represents individual levels. You will have access only to levels you activated with your Dinocard code. Other levels will be grayed out.
DinoMaterials section provides access to materials based on the selected content language and level. Not all types of content are available for every language.
Cartoons - watch short animated stories of Hocus&Lotus.
SingAlong - You can choose from audio only, or karaoke version with displayed lyrics.
eBook - Each story is presented as an eBook with narrated text of each page that you can reply as many times as you need. In order to flip a page, either slide your mouse/finger left or right, or click/tap on the left or right edge of the screen.
Enriching our DinoWorld - this section provides additional materials that you can have more fun to play with.


Dinocard code does not work. You can use each code only once, after it is used, it is linked to user account and deactivated. If you get the message that the code was already used then its just that. If the code is not recognized, please try first to change some letters that might be easily mistaken with similar letters. Like small/large letter oO and 0 (number zero), xX, or small (L) and large(I).
Offline - Dinoclub requires you to be online in order to use it. There is currently no way to download the materials and use them offline. This excludes extra activities in the ´Enriching our DinoWorld´ section. However content streaming is well optimized and does not require extra large bandwidth.
Performance - there are no specific performance requirements. Dinoclub should run well on average mobile devices, and on any PC, laptop. Flipping pages on eBook should be the most demanding part of the Dinoclub on your device.
Video / audio is not playing - you might experience this most likely with Apple devices running Safari browser by default. Easiest solution is to install Google Chrome browser and use that one for accessing the Dinoclub.
Browser support - we try to support wide range of devices and browsers. However you might sometimes encounter some issues. We have best experience with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Opera and Edge should be OK as well. Safari might also be made to work, the issue mentioned above is related to some default security restrictions (standards) of Apple devices/browser with video streaming. In general, its easier to just install another browser. We do not support old, exotic devices and browsers, like Internet Explorer. If you experience issues, please upgrade. This applies also to outdated versions of the supported browsers. Nowadays all the browsers have rapid release cycles and encourage you to keep updating to latest version automatically.

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